I&IC Workshop #6 with Sascha Pohflepp at HEAD: ongoing


The workshop is still ongoing and the students are busy working on various field explorations. As explained in the brief, their purpose is to observe and document everyday practices with the cloud. More specifically the focus is on gestures and representations people build about this technology.

We formed three groups, each working in different directions.


Hind Chammas and Sarah Bourquin chose to ask people about the type of gestures they adopt when using the cloud/cloud-based services: they listed verbs that describes such actions. Based on this verbal description, they asked other persons to physically mimick such verbs. Videotaping these actions they aim at creating a flip-book that would provide an original depiction of such “cloud gestures”.



Léa Thévenot, Marianna Czwojdrak and Eun-Sun Lee asked informants to draw the lifecycle of shared files. This question aimed at eliciting people’s representation of how the cloud is supposed to work. Based on the insightful (and weird!) drawings they got, they want to transform this material in a series of vignettes or narratives that would highlight mental models.



On her side, Vanesa Toquero decided to focus on the gestures people make with regards to predicting something (e.g. the weather). She wants to translate her videos into a more thorough documentation of “predicting attitudes”.

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