A) 19″ Living Rack, cookbook only: recipes and other elements

Please find below the necessary recipes, blueprints and information for the 19″ Living Rack project.

Download manual of assembly, and recipes for the 19″ Living Rack technical “Base”, “Office”, “Home” and “Garden” extensions (PDF).

Download “all-in-one” 19” Living Rack full pack (ZIP). It contains all blueprints (DXF) to be separately cut out (at the CNC), manual of assembly and recipes for the “Base”, so as “Office”, “Home”, and “Garden” extensions (PDF).


Quick recipe, 19” Living Rack:

1° Download and read the manual. Define how many servers you’ll need to install (this might have an effect on the number of racks you’ll have to assemble).

2° Download the 19” Living Rack full pack (ZIP), choose the configuration you are interested in (“Base” alone, or “Base” + “Office”, “Base” + “Home”, “Base” + “Garden”).

3° Check the files and then CNC the elements you’ll need in the chosen plywood (18mm) that you’ll have previously ordered.

4° Acquire the necessary additional material (straps, plants, etc.)

5° Would you like to configure the “Base” + “Garden” extension, please choose from the following green plants to further equip the rack: peace lily, florist chrysanthemum, spider plant, bamboo palm or red-edged dracaena that will all better clean the air (according to NASA’s studies). Note that the side effect of this “air cleaning” factor is that their leaves are all toxic to eat for cats, dogs and … humans too!

6° Assemble the entire rack base and extension by following the instructions in the manual. Keep the resulting assembly strongly tight together with 5cm straps.

7° Equip your rack with additional 2.5cm straps to hold your choice of servers, computers, screens and other material.

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