B) Cloud of Cards Processing Library, cookbook only: recipes and other elements

Please find below the necessary recipes, blueprints and information for the Cloud of Cards Processing Library project.

Download Cloud of Cards Processing Library manual (PDF).

Download Cloud of Cards Processing Library on Github. Codes, recipes, how-to, instructions & forks.


You can also:

Install ownCloud server (for Linux) & client (or Nextcloud, optional).

Install Processing.



Quick recipe:

1° Download and install ownCloud server and ownCloud client (you can also install the forked project Nextcloud which is very similar).

2° Download and install the Processing Development Environment (PDE).

3° Download and install Cloud of Cards Processing Library “all-in-one” pack (ZIP), read the manual and instructions.

4° Link the Library to your Processing sketch, as explained.

5° Develop your own alternative cloud projects, interfaces and/or behaviors.

6° Additionally, become the administrator of a distributed 5 Folders Cloud by installing Cloud of Cards Processing Library addon on a Linux/ownCloud server.

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