(The reasons why an I&IC’s) OwnCloud Core Processing Library

Beside the reflection produced by the overall Inhabiting & Interfacing the Cloud(s) project and the related necessity to provide “access to tools” to a larger community (largely described in the founding document of the project and in a former post about the setting up of this library), new paradigms may arise in the global organization of servers farms. These new paradigms may in return generate new ways to organize files on cloud servers (by a different control of the redundancy principle for example, or a different use of file’s duplication, etc.), allowing for new projects.

In order to answer the stakes of the I&IC design research and to prepare such output/proposals, we have developed the OwnCloud Core Processing Library that will allow to setup a software layer on top of the hardware layer.


To download and learn how to use the OwnCloud Core Processing Library, we’ve prepared a post in the Cook Books section of this site.


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The current and common people’s use of file sharing systems, associated web interfaces or applications allow basically to store and synchronize files blindly, without any control nor optimization of what is transferred, when and why. That’s where the OwnCloud Core Processing Library proposes some tools to tune the “what, when and why” as well as to help manage files stored in cloud infrastructures in a different ways, or even to operate the dispatching of files within a brand new cloud organization that this project may propose.

With the overall set of bricks and elements we’ve already set up in the context of the I&IC research (OwnCloud server set up, OwnCloud Core Processing Library), we are now ready to assemble these bricks in many different ways, proposing alternatives to the now classic server farm architecture. Automated processes based on the OwnCloud Core Processing Library can tag OwnCloud contents, making possible to seal the decision to synchronize/to duplicate/to share a file according to any kind of data else than just the modified time stamp. Files transmission, to/from the cloud, may be decided by autonomous processes based on user’s point of interests, user’s current device, user’s location, etc… all this in conjunction with solutions proposed by I&ICloud(s).