Nicolas Henchoz

Based in Lausanne, the EPFL+ECAL Lab was founded by Nicolas Henchoz in 2003 to explore the potential of emerging technologies. Its mission is to foster innovation at the point where technology, design and architecture overlap.

Under Nicholas’s direction The Lab’s activities are focused on three main concerns. First, to develop practical, real-world applications for technologies developed in the scientific labs. Secondly, to drive innovation by widening the scope of designers’ work. Thirdly, to form new links and develop synergy between researchers and wider society seeking technological and other innovative solutions.

One key area of exploration is augmented reality which developed into an exhibition, Gimme More, in New York earlier this year. It is part of a project aiming to better understand how augmented reality can be developed into a medium in its own right.

Nicholas Henchoz’s teaching and research concerns include augmented reality, innovation management and material science. He has been named among Bilan’s “300 Most Influential People in Switzerland”. The EPFL+ECAL Lab is a unit of the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne – Europe’s leading research & development university –  in co-operation with the Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne.


Contact: nicolas[dot]henchoz[at]epfl[dot]ch