Cloud of Cards. The (coming) book

A sneak peek into the coming book that will present and discuss the design process as well as  its results, sorted out from this documentary blog. Design EUROSTANDARD with a new font by NORM.


As announced a few times already, two books in print-on-demand will summarize the overall research Inhabiting and Interfacing the Cloud(s), at the term of the design and ethnographic process we went through during almost three years.

The first publication will be dedicated to the ethnographic field study about the uses and misuses of the “personal cloud”, while the second book will cover the creative research process, “by design”: Cloud of Cards, a joint design research.

This second book about the design research process will have its premium importance, as it will highlight in a linear way the main steps and elements that revealed to be important in the end, sorted out from the non-linear creative process and entirely taken out from this documentation blog: the ideas, references, sketches that contributed to shaping the final research artifacts.

This work is currently in progress and undertaken by EUROSTANDARD, a design collective composed by Pierrick Brégeon, Clément Rouzaud & Ali Abdelkhalek — with our collaboration to help sort out the content.

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