The mobile & expandable data center: containers and other ideas

As we were speculating in our I&IC – Preliminary intentions about a very versatile/mobile and distributed versions of the cloud infrastructure (datacenters), almost a physical bittorrent so to say, we are interested into the existing versions of mobile data centers.

Obviously, many manufacturers and global brands have indeed thought about (infinitely ?) expandable datacenters. The parking lot — enclosed or not — combined with the containers storage system seems to be the leading model for that type of approach. Maybe should they instead resurrect the “Unlimited growth museum” of Le Corbusier (1931) or the “Continuous Monument” of Superstudio (1969)?

There are now tons of these types of variants.

In our case and in our “Preliminary intentions“, we were thinking smaller, personal scale, “cabinet” scale: we speculated about a smaller unit that could be combined with housing… A data center that could fit into a home, for the ones who would like to run it for themselves, for a group of persons (in their physical neighborhood and/or in their nearby distributed nodes) or to combine it with other servers. A highly fragmented version of the data center (the physical infrastructure, but also the software), inspired by “torrent” architectures, with no third party ownership upon data, that could fit into one’s home or into shared spaces, taking advantage of some sort of synergy. This intention we have, to combine data center and housing could sound silly, but could also possibly allow to bring back this infrastructure into cities or dense urban areas, for a more sustainable approach.

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