I&IC workshop #1 at HEAD: sampling

By Saturday, October 11, 2014 Tags: 0045, Ethnography, Research, Sociology, Users Permalink 0

We are currently conducting a series of 10 semi-structured, open-ended interviews (based on the following interview guide. They last approximately an hour and are conducted in face-to-face or via Skype depending on the location of the participants.

In terms of sampling, we selected the interviewees on the following criteria: daily usage of cloud computing services, significant experience of nomadic work in the last three years minimum (independent worker, journalist, consultant), occupational practices which leads to intriguing digital practices (dealing with big files, collaboration over distance) and/or the use of third spaces (coworking spaces, fab labs, etc.). The reason why we chose this cohesive group of users is that the literature indicates a set of normative practices related to file storage and synchronization. Hence the need to go beyond this and understand less-described practices and approaches.

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